The Little Play Co. Pre-K Prep Program is a 3-hour drop off program for 2.5-3.5 year olds. It will guide toddlers through social and emotional development through imaginative play, art, music and story time as they gently prepare to transition into preschool and beyond.

 The program offers a curriculum that is designed and will be taught by an experienced Hoboken Pre-K teacher. It focuses on empathy, independence, cognitive, creative and social development while stimulating their natural curiosity as they explore new and exciting ideas. With a small class size, the teacher-child ratio ensures individualized attention as the children gently transition into separation and learn to build trusting and nurturing relationships with their teachers.

 Our unique space is designed to promote learning through meaningful play, exploration, and discovery. Transitioning between activities will help your child to become familiar with a structured day and have them looking forward to the next activity.  Your child will gain the tools to solve problems, build relationships, and develop the fine and gross motor skills needed to succeed in preschool.

Join us while we make learning fun!

Children must be 2.5 by September 1st and must be potty trained for this drop off program.

 Children must be 2.5 by September 1st and must be potty trained for this drop off program.

Fall 2019

15 weeks…September 9th-December 20th

Two Day…T/Th 9a-12p

Three Day…M/W/F 9a-12p

Five Day M-F 9a-12p

The Little Play Co. After School Enrichment Program for 3-5 year olds will allow children to use their imaginations as they explore their creative sides through arts and crafts, storytime and writers workshops, guided LEGO builds and bubbling science experiments!  



Arts & Crafts


3:30p… 3’s or beginner

4:30p… 4/5 or advanced

The Arts and Crafts class will expose your child to a variety of artistic mediums, from painting to pottery to collaging, and more! Through the process of making art, children will develop their fine motor skills and grow in their creativity while producing art that is unique to only them.


Authors and Illustrators Workshop



Authors and Illustrators Workshop will teach your children how to write and illustrator their own stories. Children will learn concepts of print and how to apply that knowledge with creativity and imagination to produce their very own original books.




3:30p…3’s or beginner

4:30p…4/5 or advanced


The Science Experiment


3:30p…3’s or beginner

4:30p…4/5 or advanced

The Science Experiment will feature a hands on science experiment in every class! Children will learn how to make predictions, conduct experiments and record their observations.

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